What is Specialicious?
Specialicious is a website that satisfies active Northern Virginians who crave special offers from the area’s top establishments where everyone loves to eat, shop and play.

Why the name Specialicious?
It’s a play on the two words “special” and “delicious”. We believe that Northern Virginians crave delicious (delightful) specials (deals), and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Who started Specialicious?
The same hard-working, NoVA-loving individuals who have been bringing you Northern Virginia Magazine since 2006.

How do I purchase today’s special?
Just log in to your Specialicious account and click “BUY” before the deal timer runs out and enter your payment information.

When will I be able to use my voucher?
This can vary, but most vouchers are available for use immediately.  Some deals do require some time to be processed and may not be available right away. Voucher availability is displayed with each deal.

Will I need to redeem my voucher immediately?
No, though each voucher does have an expiration date.

I bought a special. How do I claim it?
Upon completing your order, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your payment information. Your voucher will appear under "My Account" at Specialicious.com either right away, or as soon as the special you purchased ends, depending on the deal restrictions. You will be able to use your voucher as soon as you receive it and- no worries- it will include anything you need to know about redeeming it.

Can I buy a special to give to someone else?
Yes, for most specials. If gift options are not available for a special, we’ll note that in the disclaimer information (Fine Print). Otherwise, just select the gift option at checkout.

Can I combine one special with other deals/offers?
No, unless your voucher specifically states otherwise.

If I don’t use the full value of my Specialicious voucher in one visit can I use the remainder later?
No, you must use the full value of the voucher in one visit or it will be lost. In other words, use it or lose it.

If I buy a special, when am I billed?
Your credit card will be charged right away.

Will my credit card information be secure?
Yes! Your credit card information is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure destination, never stored on our server.

Can I modify or cancel my voucher?
Yes, but it must be done before midnight the day it was purchased. To cancel, go to MY ACCOUNT then MY VOUCHER and then click “CANCEL.” Please note- once you “PRINT” your voucher, you will not be able cancel through your account- you must contact support@specialicious.com with any refund requests.

What happens if my voucher expires?

Most vouchers expire after a 3 month period, but don’t fret! Our vouchers maintain the value you paid for up to five (5) years after the purchase date for the goods and/or services originally offered in the special.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?
Because the specials are time-sensitive and exclusive, all sales are final once the deal is no longer being offered. However, if you have a problem with your purchase, please contact support@specialicious.com. Note: Three days after your initial purchase, we can rarely issue a refund. In the event of business closure, refunds will be given in the form of Specialicious credit if the business shuts down before the promotional value expires.

Do you edit the Chatter comments?
From time to time, only if someone is being very inappropriate.

Do I get any props if I refer a friend?
After your purchase, you'll get a unique link to share the deal. You will receive $10 if a friend makes his/her first purchase through your unique link within 72 hours of registering. Both you and your referral must be a registered member with a credit card on file to qualify. You'll receive your credit within 72 hours of their deal closing.

Is there a limit on referral credits?

No, the more the merrier, invite all of your friends.

I received multiple referrals. Do all of my friends get credited when I make a purchase?
No, you must choose the friend you’d like to see get the credit. Perhaps the person who always picks you up/drops you off at the airport? Whichever friend’s link you click on when you join is the friend who will receive the credit. Just remember that in order for a friend to receive a $10 credit for your first purchase, you must click on the invite link, register, and make your first purchase within 72 hours of registration. Keep in mind that both parties must be registered members with a credit card on file to qualify.

How do I learn more about advertising on Specialicious?
Click here for information.